softball playoffs

20-18 GR beats a newer team, the Gammas in the first round. The Gammas were a Latino team of kids, they're younger, fast, and need more experience to get on with softball. Our team is experienced, although somehow we let them go from 7-1 to 7-6, then when we were up 20-10, they came back 20-18 mostly with 2 outs. We were imploding. A few bonehead plays here and there, gave them a bunch of extra runs, and they even got the point where the tying run came to bat. What happened? It's hard to figure out why stuff like this happens. But when it's two outs, and it feels like that third out should haver happened 2 and 3 times, letting in more and more runs, then that's when you begin thinking, "if we got that guy out at that point, then..." So it happens, and that's where we're at as a team, enough to win, but is it enough to win again? We'll find out next tuesday.

Had to add... more... seems negative up there in that post. But really it's not. We friggin won! I think it also means, that as a team, we always play down to the level of our opponents. When they stink, often, we do too. When they're good, sometimes, we rise and play much better. It's how it works.