I took a trip up to the SF Bay area today to interview future managers. Yes, Myleen the SF manager is leaving us, sort of, she'll be taking a smaller role, while he's going back to school. I flew in via Jet Blue from Long Beach. Let's start with that first.

I drive past LAX to get to LB sometimes. Why? It might be a bit faster in the end, but LAX is the biggest hassle ever. Flights get delayed, cancelled, and you have to deal with dicks. Dick everyone. Dick cops, dick parking people, dick counter people, dick security, and dumb fucks working for the airlines. Long Beach is a bit better. I swear, even the police are nicer there. Getting in and out is pretty easy, and the stress level is nil. The drive actually turns out to take about 35 minutes from Long Beach to West LA, it's not bad.

The day in SF was decent. I walked in the door at 12:45, and left the place at 6:10pm. Up and back pretty quick.

But I have an issue with the Bay... and don't get me wrong, I do like the place. But today, I got a ticket. A ticket for coming out of the Muni without a transfer, which actually doubles up as a receipt. I came out of a train and got "Carded". Imagine, how many times have you been carded coming out of a train? or a bus? or a cable car? It doesn't happen, well, today, it happened to me. The guy was cool about it, but I thought he'd let me go when I proved and explained that I was from LA for the day, and didn't know that the transfer is also receipt. When the driver handed it to me, I refused, thinking that I'd save paper. An eco-thing that's in tune with the Bay area... right? But no. I got a ticket. While I stood there, the other "cop" let a woman and two kids through with a warning when they didn't have their "receipts". I now have to appear in court, or call and present my case and see how much of a fine I have to pay.

So today, I'm a marked man and right now, I'm sitting on my sofa relaxed with my crotch presented to the bay. You owe me one.