thursday, fri, and sat

See martin's... Tired out for sure. It's busier for sure. Things are rockin'. So I'd get into what these comicon parties are all about... I went to a couple of them. These days, toys are vinyl gold. The limited edition Comicon anything by a good artist is as important as being there. It's not good enough just to sell general merch, but to be the one who can one up the other person. Toys, prints, toys, stuff, whatever. It's all good. Ebayers line up to pick stuff up only to flip it anyway... I get less excited about it, but maybe it's because we don't make toys. Tonite was our own bonfire party. Not bad, had fun, a decent amount of people came though, and well, tomorrow is the last day. It's madness at the con, but it's fun. You see people you won't ever meet if you weren't there, and it's one of the places where we actually find out that people read GR. I'll get more into that later.