Comicon Preview night.

Comicon started as a nightmare. Imagine driving down with a rented van, loaded with stuff, packed... and then to go to the loading docks before it closes, and being told that they're closed.

So that meant carrying all of the boxes from the parking lot, up stairs and into the convention center. Sounds easy, but try maybe 10 trips, maybe more. So that said, we got the booth 50% ready, which was a miracle on it's own... and it was a great start. Many readers came to say hello, most of who we didn't know. That's always great. You see, we work on GR, but I swear the letters are dwindling. We seldom hear any compliments, if anything, we hear the negative stuff. Today David Horvath's Flatwoods monster was a great seller. How David can just keep a great thing, great, is amazing. It's a nice night, see the pic above. That's my room and the xmas lights. Isn't it weird how the xmas lights make a meh place nicer? UMA toys are tomorrow at 10am. It's going to be fun.