Storage Space

Anyone out there have a storage space? Today, we got one. A decent sized one to fit a lot of things: back issues, books, and who knows what else.

It's interesting since for a bit over a hundred bucks, (Or if you're a big spender you can opt for a big ass Beverly Hills spot for hundreds) you get a space where you can do just about anything in. Some people have a shop and they work on wood projects, etc, some probably run ebay businesses. Dead bodies? That too. You always hear about people not paying up on their bills, and then the storage space goes to someone through an auction. Then you hear of nasty photos been found, and then those get published, since the ownership of them go to the buyer of the space. Dead bodies? Yes that too. Babies in jars? Yep. Storage spaces are neat like that. Ours is far away in a non-disclosed location in a non-disclosed city, hope we keep paying the bills.