the press!

Umeboshi wrote: (exerpted)

Then I would be by the magazine racks thinking, “Thank god Giant Robot is still here, it’s the only cool Asian thing that actually lasts.” It really did give me great comfort to know it exists, especially during the times when it wasn’t cool to be Asian. As for the diversification of the business and the magazine, I think it is great and very smart. Any business is a risk and if the owners can diversify, it is only to their advantage.


I guess your comment sounds great and all, but there are limits to everything. It's sort of like in Heat, when Al Pacino meets Robert DeNiro, and like in the Killer when Chow Yun Fat meets Danny Lee, although they would be friends outside of their lives, they wouldn't hesitate to shoot one another dead if they had to.

Apply this to business too. Enjoy anything while it lasts, because at anytime, it can get shot down, even by me.