On the robot lounge "my marriage ended yesterday"

The message boards are usually loaded with jokes and crack pot comments, it's what gets people through the day.

We don't talk about the diaspora of Asian Americans, although at times we do. But a thread caught my eye. At first I thought, ok, this person must be talking about Paris Hilton missing her dog, or maybe something about Jennifer Aniston, but no, this was a reach out for support. A lot of us don't know each other too well, there's time for jokes, time for laughs, and ridicule. It's like punching the dude who fell off his skateboard and skinned his/her knees. But this one ended up different. One of the longer term boards person, Dragon Chic, really had her marriage end. I'm sure it was hell, she has kids, and is going at it alone. With the sounds of things, sure she's beaten down, but the ability to post it all, without it being shit talk, that shows some strength. The support back was also powerful. Once in a while, I see a glimmer of hope in the message boards. When it's time to step up, the people step up. It's never hopeless, it's more hopestrong.