Thursday Night Lights

Softball game again. This time we played against The Nortons, as in Symantec.

I used Norton a lot when I had a Mac and OS 9.0. Now I know them as a softball team. They're a first year team, and they seem to having a lot of fun. Tonite, we beat them 20-3. The 3 was my fault, a fat error on a flyball, somehow it sailed over my head. Duh. But on a good note, we played a fun game and still had a good time. My hitting streak whatever it is, ended when Greg running at second, almost took what would have been a base hit nearly in the nuts! I hit it decent and one bounce, plop. The first time a ball went to the left of second base this season. He should wear a cup and buy a a lotto ticket! Smiles all around, it was a good time.