ipod battery install.

1) the new battery : the cord actually comes out from a different part of the battery, so it makes it so the new battery can't fit back into the space where it should. So I had to modify by cutting a bit of the plastic that holds it in place to make it fit.
2) No torques head screwdriver is included but it says one's included in the instruction sheet. I supposed you don't need one, and you can bend the heck out of the circuit board (someone is going to break their iPod this way and you can easily damage the thin wires on the battery).
3) The instruction sheet is printed with too large a dot screen, it's pretty useless for the detail photos.
4) The two tools to open the iPod work, and it doesn't take too much effort to get it open, but the instructions could include 1 more line in there that would solve a lot of problems for many. The actual tool doesn't go straight in, it needs to point down.

That's the harddrive, it's padded and nice.

Pulling out the old battery isn't that easy. Unplugging it can be hard, you'll have to work at it, and I can see someone breaking something from tugging too hard. Underneath the battery are some weird little mini circuit boards. Although I know they can be smaller, this is pretty small.

Overall, it's a simple operation. But it's not a smooth one, there are problems and like I mentioned, someone is going to break their iPod if they're not careful.