David comes back from Vegas having won some cash in his hit and run black jack method. He wants to throw a BBQ at his friend, Harry's place. It's in Korea town. Talking bad about someone's area isn't too cool, but it was funny. There are people sitting in chairs on the sidewalk chillin', there's a church that's loud as hell, people are singing and yelling, a dog that has dreads all over runs the neighborhood - it'll just lay there in the middle of the street looking at the cars rolling by, adn chickens running around. It's weird.

Harry BBQs, he uses a flashlight since there's no light outside. He's good at cooking and has a belly to show for it. I trust that. BBQ chicken and he injected the insides with some chili sauce. He later makes burgers.

That's Dave on the left with a new Krishna cut, and his friend, Yoshi, the comedian who tells dirty jokes and works in Porn.

After a late night out, and walking back to the car, I see this and it explains the area just as well as I did. HAULIGN. How do you even say that?