Memorial Day

It's an interesting day, since it's most affiliated with having a BBQ. It's more like a marker for the beginning of summer over remembering fallen heroes or passed away family. It's basically a day off. If you want to get into it more and think about who died and had less happy moments so maybe I, or we can have happier ones, then you do owe a lot of thanks to some folks, most being your own family. The bigger picture, war mongers maybe get a break here or there, I guess we could be a colony of Japan, or lifting our arms in praise of an Adolph thankfully it's Coors, or Rupp, and not Hitler. For me, I use it to remember passed away family. Grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles, anyone. I don't go to cemetaries to visit graves, maybe that's for later, but I keep it in mind.