Frank Lloyd Wright Chicago

On Flickr, I have a set of Frank Lloyd Wright houses from Chicago. The deal is that when you get there, you'll see a bunch of people trying to get in tours or rent the $12 headsets. Basically, you get a narrative, that's relatively simple that tells the story about each house. Some are 30 seconds long and some are more in depth. Either way, I didn't feel like listening, so I was content to just walk and see. Where are these houses? Basically, they're all near the center and most are on the same block! I'll eventually post the map, but for now, enjoy the photos. Can you tell which photo isn't a Frank Lloyd Wright house? One of them is not. The folks who are in the pics are Tim, Sue-Anne, and Martin. Once in a while, you'll see them holding up numbers, those are the numbers of the houses on the map. They're pretty much in order except #19 isn't in there.

Enjoy the tour!

To see the set in Flickr. Click here.