Comicon notes - just a few.

The red circle

Blown up - the line goes as far as you see. Miles long!

This is the other direction. It went all the way down the street to the corner and then down a decline to the door on the bottom level. Although the lines look long, where were these people? The hall isn't huge, it's like 1/10 of the SD Comicon. There's not a ton of booths you can comb through pretty quick, especially if you aren't in the market for back issue comics (there's a ton of these). If you don't want manga, then that knocks out a lot more. Comicons are usually about comics and what's around it, but NY is still in the dark ages. Comics reign. The toy thing isn't really happening in NYC.

Mori Chack was at the NY Comicon. He's a good man.

That's Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. She looks nice in person, but had to sit next to the bathroom! See above the banner? The yellow tile is the entrance to the men's toilets. It's already bad to be near any toilet, but this is a Comicon toilet, so that means obese, even in NYC, big, stinky, junk food turds. There's a bunch of stalls making this the worst seat in the house. Standing 40 feet away, the waft of crap was disgusting. Imagine her being right there next to the guys who laid the turds.

You know it's over when you see a box labeled this way. "Urban Vinyl" is over, and this box was part of Diamond Comics booth, which means, it's much over. Are you part of this? Aren't you embarrassed?

Sir Kaws!

Michelle meets Frank McLaughlin
Frank is a funny guy. Read the wikipedia entry I linked above. He's a true character, a comic book veteran, and can crank out great work. We visited him three times, and each time was a fun adventure. He draws the ladies quite well and enjoys looking at them too! Dirty doggg!