Pics from New York

1. Snow was on the streets even though it got to 50 degrees. So why won't the snow melt during the day? I don't understand that. It didn't snow in the first couple of days in NY, yet you see scenes like this.
2-4. Street art in nolita. It's crazy how tagged up this building is. Then you turn thet corner and there's more.
5. Ipodiot. Not that great, but still funny in Soho.
6. Right outside of GRNY on sunday. The pic actually depicts snow falling. I couldn't capture the snow in a photo, it looked nice, maybe I'll post video. It was really incredible.
7. Snow fell in this pic too but you can't tell. That's GRNY on the right side.
8. This photo is from the taxi window while riding in at 6am from the red eye. I felt like I was in the intro from the show "TAXI".
9. Driving into Manhattan from Newark is an ESPO piece. Can you see it, sort of?