Paper magazine

Paper Magazine released "the other Los Angeles" issue.
I don't know who these two are on the cover on sight, do you? But that's not important. Everything was fine as I opened this in the mail.

Who are you dudes, and why are you behind a window? It's not jail although maybe the cover might make you want to put you hand against his in either a gruff, "I'm there for you holmes..." or maybe a soft, "I miss you........"

That aside, I look quite at the names, and I don't recognize too many.
Johnny Knoxville was at the top. But there I am. A surprise.

So after I scan down to the bottom. I feel something weird. Poot!

(Insert Higgins from Magnum PI's voice) "O h m y GOD."
"The Hipsters Have Landed." ahhhhh... Paper magazine... you folks have a weird sense of humor! Of all things... any other word. Really, anything. I spend half my day making fun of "hipsters!"
Life is tough being a publisher.

It's all good nonetheless.