donated the car... guess how much money

So remember the post about my old car? I donated it to the Little Tokyo Service Center. Basically what that means is, they get someone to pick up the car, tow it to a junk yard where they auction it off for cheap. I'm sure they split money with the LTSC and so on. I have no idea how much the cuts are, but for the amount of work the LTSC does for this, I'm sure it must be 50/50. I get some paper work, and it says something about $500 being a certain amount that the car was sold for. But really, it was confusing, it said something about them telling me later. I was confused. So I write them an email asking how much it sold for. Guess what? $200! That's fucked up! So in reality, the LTSC probably got $100, and the car went to some dude who's gonna fix it and sell it for a lot more. I'm sure a single seat was worth more. What about the windows or wind shield, or even the rear view mirrors? The full sized spare tire has to fetch at least a hundred. This once great car that still started up and sold for a whopping $200. Where are these auctions. Can I get a great car for $1000? I'm glad I took the freebie tools that came with the car. If I prorate those, they must be worth pennies.