past present future

Ranking NBA players past present and future.

How the heck do you do this?

I’d agree, Jordan and Magic in the back. That’s pretty unbeatable already. Isiah? No way. Jerry West, no. But the center, Russell? Common now. Maybe for the pace of the team, you’d put him in there, but Kareem, not the guy who was 42, but what about that 30 year old kung fu fighting one? Yes, he’s in the box. Start him. Wilt was bad ass, but who’d get all the ladies? MJ Wilt or Magic? Forwards, Bird, yes, he’ll make that outside shot. Tim Duncan as the other forward. ok, fine. But he’s still playing. Worthy? No, I guess not, but Bernard King?! Maybe. But Tim would be best. I guess he’s old school enough now. But Let’s put Riley in there. Speed this shit up.

Present, Kobe and Nash, yes, that would be too much. Duncan, Garnett, LeBron. ok. That’s good. There’s Duncan again, this time as a center. Shaq could have it, if he participated in his own show and kicked ass even at his age. In shape, Shaq all the way. We’re talking about one game to play right? This isn’t a whole season, right? Garnett, maybe. I like him, but do you really want this guy on your all time best present team? Dirk? I guess the present isn’t as exciting as the past. I’d think the past could beat this present team. More team work oriented for sure. Plus the MJ factor…

The future. That’s ugly. Take a look… Amare, yes. Yao Ming sure of course! right? Kobe, LeBron sure. This is 2012. We’ll see this all unfold. Are these guys of the material that the past guys were about? Ethics? Is it there? I hope so… for all of our sakes, not just in bball.