Bombs Away

It looks like something went wrong here, but no, it’s just a firework that looks like it blasted people. It’s an image from the post tennis fireworks. I forgot to say before that on Saturday, Sharapova was supposed to play, and the night started late, then next thing you know, they announced, she wasn’t even going to play, so she comes out, makes a bunk announcement, and off she goes. The doubles proved to be good actually, and we saw a decent match, but we also got free tickets to the finals. The fireworks didn’t disappoint. So for those of you who care… here’s some more shots of fireworks.

Next, doubles. Two people play. Usually, your best strategy is for both players to be together, whether it’s up at the net or both back. One up, and one back doesn’t work out well, and we saw examples of that all night. One team didn’t bother to follow any of the conventional “rules” of tennis. Of course, they were young and had some great shots, and managed to blast to win a few games, but the regular way, of playing as a team prevailed. There’s something to say about having fundamentals.