Shameless Plug

Since I just came back from Beijing and Shenzhen promoting Blood Brothers, I might as well drop a plug on you all. So here it is…Blood Brothers in theater’s soon! And if you’re not in Asia, check it out in Venice or Toronto Film Fests. Maybe I’ll see you there. Wednesday we’re heading to Taipei, then back to HK for the premiere on the 21st. It was nice to see the whole cast again after all this time. Although it was a tough shoot for many reasons, we bonded well as actors and had a great time. Here are some photos that you won’t see in any promotional material…cause I took ‘em!
Mark, the Killer, played by Chang Chen.

Mark is about to kill someone.

1930′s Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

Inside The Paradise Club.

Exterior from the interior.

LuLu (Shu Kei) and Mark badly in need of some Head & Shoulders.
Check out this nifty website if you wanna learn more: