K-1 Comes to HK.

K-1 came to town last Sunday and I must say it was quite a success. Sitting front row made the bone crunching a bit hard to watch at times, but it was definitely a day filled with a lot of excitement for the fans. Here are some of my better shots.
Peter Aerts was by far the superior fighter of the night. Although one of the oldest at 37, his years of experience in the K-1 circuit was a definite advantage. He easily ko’d Nicholas Pettas with a perfectly placed kick to the head. Luckily I caught the moment.

It seems K-1 is definitely trying to tap into the China market by inviting two Chinese fighters to attend this time and although Wang Qian made it to the finals, it’s clear they have a long way to go, experience and training wise, if they want to be a force within K-1. Here he is giving Randy Kim a nose job.

The fight everyone was anticipating was Hong-Man Choi, The Korean Giant vs Gary Goodridge. Choi at 7 foot 2 and 355 lbs, was a serious force to be reckoned with. Goodridge at 6’3″ 243lbs, although not a small man, looked like a kid standing next to Choi. Unfortunately Goodridge got caught by a knee from Choi followed by a left right combo that ko’d Goodridge while still standing up.This guy is a monster.