The Cure

Went to The Cure show here in Hong Kong last night and what an impressive show it was! I went in thinking it was going to be a fat and old Robert Smith playing a couple classics then mostly a bunch of newer stuff that no one really knew for 45 minutes. To my surprise, however, their set lasted almost three hours and was chocked full of the old school goodies! And although he is old and fat now, his voice sounds as good and strong as ever.
I hobbled in on my crutches to the standing room floor area of the Asian Expo Arena excited to see the band I never got to see in high-school and was surprised to see such a huge turnout. I didn’t think too many locals were into The Cure. It was definitely a much more mature affair. Not many people under 25 and there were a lot of balding white guys dancing around reminiscing their college days. About half an hour into the show a security guard offered me a chair near the sound booth. I’m glad I took him up on the offer because my one good leg was already getting sore however, I did have to jump up to get a little groove on when songs like “Friday I’m in Love”, “Lovesong” and “Just Like Heaven” came on. The crowd was also one on the best I have ever seen in HK. Usually local crowds are quite dead but last night the whole arena was dancing and singing along. Their double encore was finished off with “Boys Don’t Cry”, a perfect end to a great show. Robert Smith got so hot at one point he turned into a giant fireball right there on stage!