comicon over

The weekend is over as fast as it started. From having to lug boxes up stairs, through people, down aisles to our table, then to having to repack them, thankfully in smaller amounts.There’s less to see in sf than ever. I don’t care to see most of the booths anymore, but there are a great small amount of tables that make it all worth it. I’m less into exploring the goodness of most of the spaces like I used to. Now I sort of know what to see. Indie comics, a few toy folks, and maybe a single wildcard of something different. This year, I don’t know what that wildcard was maybe kami robots, as seen in GR? Gargamel who seem to be the coolest kids around? They’re 5 deep from Japan, listen to thrash, and make the best indie vinyl toys ever. Grasshut? Bwana scrappers lemerde martin! Sparkplug, Buenaventura, or picturebox? There are a bunch of others, and it’ll be nice to see them all again hopefully sooner than a year from now.