Stuck indoors

My broken leg combined with the unbearable heat and all the god damned mosquitoes are keeping inside where the air is cool and conditioned. I normally hate air-con but it is just too humid outside right now to deal. Took one of my dogs to the park the other day and got around 20 mosquito bites. Stuck indoors, I’ve just been spring cleaning, trying to get my new Blackberry to sync properly with the Mac and shopping itunes.

The day before I left NYC I was surprised to see a poster for the new Bad Brains album. I used to listen to ROCK FOR LIGHT all the time in highschool and it is probably one of my all time favorite punk albums. After not hearing about them for so many years, I assumed they had broken up for good, or maybe just too old to rock out like they used to. So when I got back home I bought the new album right away off itunes. This album was produced by Adam Yauch(MCA of Beastie Boys) and although although HR’s voice can’t hit those highs any more, it still rocks harder than any of the so called punk acts out there today.

And speaking of Beastie Boys, check out their new instrumental album. Lots of fun funky vibes that you can play in the background while working on your next craft project. If you’re in SF in August you can check out their show at the Warfield. It’ll be instrumental only, so all Brass Monkey requests will be denied.