Good Bye New York

Sadly, my two months in New York are over but at least I can’t say I had an uneventful time. I’m back in Hong Kong now and am already missing the place. It really truly is a great city.

We spent our last day in NY chilling out. Thinking about how sad we were to go but also glad to go back home because of this damn broken leg. Being in NY with a broken leg can be quite a drag. My maximum range was two avenues. After that my wrists would hurt and I would get sore in the underarms, not to mention soaking in sweat.
Saturday started with brunch with our roommate, Sabrina. She had been extremely tolerant of me taking her spot on the sofa and the tv remote control for the past three weeks.
On the way to the restaurant I gave the skateboard to some kid from the projects nearby. I thought he would be stoked to get a free skateboard but he was reluctant to accept my offer. I think he didn’t trust me at all. Like I was trying to frame him or something.He was also didn’t really want to take a picture with me. Later in the day Lisa saw him ride by on it so I guess he was cool about it.
For dinner we went to our favorite Puerto Rican take out place, Casa Adela. I had been ordering delivery from them in my awful Spanish for the past few weeks but had never been to the actual restaurant. So I decided to make the trek and hobble down there to check the place out. I’m glad we made it down to have the chicken with red beans and rice, it tastes much better straight out of the kitchen. I like how the beans come in a coffee mug.
We then went to bed early and got up early Sunday morning so I could have breakfast with my buddy Dan, then we said our goodbyes, hopped in the car and left for the airport. New York rules and I hope I make it back soon.