Neil Leifer

Went out to dinner with my friend Neil Leifer on Tuesday. Neil is a legend in the world of photo journalism. He took this iconic shot of Ali when he knocked the shit out of Sonny Liston back in the day. Pretty much any awesome photo of Ali was taken by him. The photgrapher between Ali’s legs standing there with a blank expression on his face was THE sports photgrapher of the time but he was on the wrong side and missed one of the most important shots in boxing history. Neil got the shot and became THE sports photographer from then on.
After checking out his extensive collection of photgraphs by other iconic photographers at his apartment uptown, we went out for Italian with his girlfriend Randy.
This was the biggest Veal Parmegean I’ve ever seen. You can check out Neil’s work at: and if you got some extra dough you can own your own piece of Ali. I’ve got two autographed prints myself.