Lane Hirabayashi

Lane Hirabayashi

Know him?

I’m not going to explain everything about this man. So just read this. Imagine, I went to SF State for a second, and although I can’t say I had a great time up there, I did have a great teacher. This was way back in the 90s, and Lane taught an Asian American studies class that was probably one of the more memorable classes I took while in college. You’d think it would be a class in your major, or maybe something fun, but his class was neither, it was just a good one. Now he’s a chairperson of Asian American Studies at UCLA, and some of his visions will actually get recognized.

It was cool sitting and talking to him for a while and catching up. He’s had 1000s of students, I was just one from way back. I wonder if the other 1000s think he’s rad? I’ll write more about him once in a while.

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