Chasing Ghosts

Video game doc!

Chasing Ghosts is a documentary about the best videogamers from yesterday. It’s amazing to see images of them then, and now. From heroes to zeroes in just a few years as games like Streetfighter came out and changed gaming forever. We’re talking about Donkey Kong, Centipede, Tempest, etc. It all started in a small town in Ohio, I can’t remember the name, but that’s where gaming happened. The doc is sort of in the vein of Dogtown, except no skating, it’s just machines and nerdy kids. I played games at arcades during this era at Captain Videos and like most arcades, it bit the dust somewhere in the early to mid 80′s. It’s sad how not one of these gamer dudes has a career in the current world of gaming. At best one of them is a stat keeping for game scores! He watches videotape of games! This is a worthwhile documentary and if you can see it, check it out. It’s funny, and at the same time sad, but the energy of the best games live on.