Break a Leg!

If you read this blog and remember my Slam blog a few weeks ago. I should have taken that as a cue to retire from the sport forever. Two tuesdays ago I was skating to class as I’ve been doing everyday for the past month and a half. My trucks were loose and I kept telling myself to get a skate key and fix the problem, but I didn’t and I ate shit and I broke my fucking ankle. Never having broken a bone before, it hurt pretty bad. I laid in the road for a minute trying to get my mind to get my body to do something but I was frozen there. After the initial shock, I dragged myself out of the road and in between two parked cars. My left ankle bukled outwards, so much so that my inside of ankle bone scrapped the ground and dug a good piece of skin out. I was hoping I didn’t break it but when I tried to rotate my ankle I saw it flop and buldge under the skin, I knew I was fucked. After catching my breath, I called my girlfriend, Lisa who was still sleeping and she ran over to my rescue. She got me a cab and got me to the hospital.
I finally got to experience the problems with the American medical system first hand. I appreciate Hong Kong medical services so much more now. There was almost no one in the emergency room but it still took six to seven hours to get me out of there.I ended up seeing a couple more doctors and in the end I had to have an operation this past tuesday. Now I’ve got a bunch of pins and plates and screws in my foot now. Half of which will be removed a few months down the line. Aside from all the pain I was more bummed out I was not able to finish my last week of class. Oh well. Here are some pics. Don’t worry nothing nasty, although I could post those too.
That’s the x-ray of the front view of the left foot. That’s the break circled in red the fibula is trashed. The blue is the direction my ankle went, not natural. Notice how the x-ray techinician can’t spell. Or maybe it’s German?

That’s me in the emregency room right before they reset the leg. Can you see the look of anticipation?
That’s them setting the leg. Not fun. Somehow taking the picture reduced the pain.
Post op pic. My roomate was a 78 year old guy who fell and broke his hip in three places. He woke up in the room in the middle of the night freaking out. He thought he was in his home and told the nurses he was going to call the cops. He pulled open my curtain divider and said “why is there a woman in my room?” I guess my long hairless Asian legs confused him. Turns out he was just too high on the morphine and was actually a nice guy.
Showering sucks now.