For the past week I’ve been coming home to see people standing around this cardboard box at the base of this tree about ten feet past the front door. Since I come from behind it, all I could see was that there was this Brillo box and people sitting around it, putting their hands in it, then stepping away. I imagined a cat or some weird animal was living in there and these people were feeding it. Since ther were always people around I never went around front to see what it was. Then one day last week no one was around so I snuck up to take a look.
Taped to the tree was this picture. Turns out it was a little rememberance shrine. I guess he died recently and this was probably his spot.
The Brillo box was filled with candles and a can of Old Milwakee beer. I guess he liked Old Milwakee. It’s interesting how similar this shrine is to the ones I see in peoples homes in China and HK. It’s cool to see rituals like this still exist and survive in this country.