We had a softball game on thursday. We beat the only team who beat us this year, 15-14. I haven’t picked up a bat for a month, and although I began the game with a weak short fly ball hit, and then did it again on my next at bat, I wasn’t feeling like I was at my best. The next at bats were decent, a regular basehit when I was out of pitches, then a grand slam homerun to tie the game up at 12 with two outs. Another inning, then the other team, Eli’s (the team we played) got another two runs (how do they keeping doing this?), then it was our last at bat. Two more runs, by way of a homer, then after getting two on with one out, I got up again, and since I went 4 for 4, I was due for an out. Hit into the worst possible thing, a double play to end the game? I took the first pitch and hit one pretty hard towards first base, a weak attempt at a scoop, the throw from right didn’t catch Martin who scored the winning run. During the last play, I was thinking of juking and hoping I could get the right fielder to throw me out at first or second. I get pretty into the game, and I do think about the little elements of it, but really, I’m probably the only one thinking these neurotic thoughts. The game ended, I was standing between first and second in no man’s land, trying to do the little things that may one day make a difference. Maybe not. But it’s ok.