Today’s Lunch.

I had my lunch in Union Square today. Great place for people watching. There are a lot of freaks walking around. Today’s highlight was this huge muscle bound guy with long hair walking through Union Square with his shirt off and his body all greasy. Looked like he came off the set on Xena: Warrior Woman.
This is what the doctor sees when I’ve got bad tonsilitus.

In Hong Kong there are these old Chinese people, usually women, who walk around all day collecting cans. You see them everywhere. So I was surprised to also see them all over New York. It makes me a bit homesick, but what’s with these people? Is this an international profession that only Chinese know how to do well? Or did Giuliani see them in HK and imported them to NY? For the women there seems to be a standard uniform with flower patterned Chinese button down shirts and black pants that are 3 inches too short. Most of them are seriously hunch backed. Is this because it’s easier to pick up the cans? Did they genetically evolve this way? I see them carrying these huge bags and feel like helping, then I realize tin cans take up a lot of space but don’t actually weigh that much. This guy was rocking it old school with the rice picker hat and the bamboo pole.