Hanako Musashi

Two dogs. Both Shibas. Hanako is the older one who still likes to act young at times, but she’s about 13?! She’s been in many issues of GR, some of the old ones too. Remember in which articles? Musashi is the young one, full of energy and likes to badger Hanako. They fight only over food. Hanako is smarter for sure and Musashi, well, let’s say, he’ll sneak a duke in the house if you’re not watching out.

The backyard is my parents, look at that grass. Dicondra grass! My father started it off as a tiny patch, and I think he seeded it and a lot came up. I remember he said some of it was coming out on it’s own with some water. They have cherries and berries, peach, all kinds of fruits and veggies. It’s a huge backyard.