It finally happened. After a month of carefree skateboarding around New York, I slammed in the most unattractive way this morning on the way to school.
This one is up there with Martin’s fall a couple of months ago. I should’ve seen it coming. Last week I hit a pot hole which sent me flying into an intersection but luckily I was able to catch myself and landed on my feet. Then yesterday, I was trying to squeeze between a car and the sidewalk and was met with the sewer grate which locked my shit up and sent me flying. I had a full backpack on so the weight of it went over my head and almost caused me to do a forward roll but again I was able to stop myself. This morning, I don’t know what the fuck happened. I was pushing along half awake trying to make it to my 9 o’clock class and my board just stopped like I hit something. I slammed shoulder first into the ground, sunglasses and hat flew off, backpack stayed on. I looked to see what caused me to fall but there was nothing but smooth pavement and a gum wrapper on the ground. A passing car stopped to see if I was ok but I grabbed my shit and took off before he could see the look of shock and embarrasment on my face. Got this shiner on my shoulder now and a scrape on my knee and elbow. My neck feels jacked and so does my back. Over 30 skateboarding rules!