Mos’t Definite

Went to the Mos Def show last night. Didn’t think I would get in because tickets were sold out but on a whim, I walked all the way across town to the Highline Ballroom in Chelsea by myself to try my luck. The effort of walking all that way gave me good karma and I got in. He sang Poison by Bel Biv Davoe and Time After Time as well as some Stevie Wonder. Q-tip from Tribe Called Quest went up and did Bonita Applebum on the spot. The band was pretty tight with their horn section that Mos conducted whenever he felt inspired. For the encore, Talib Kweli came out to do some Blackstar stuff. Interesting non-hip hop feel for a hip hop show.

Today I went with my friend Dan upstate to check out the Dia Museum in Beacon, about an hour and a half up the Metro North. The building was an old cardboard printing factory that has been converted into this awesome space. It is very reminiscant of Beijing’s 798 DaShanZi. Sorry no pictures of the space because I could only get pictures where the cctv’s couldn’t see me. I’m too old to get kicked out of places now.I think I liked the space more than most of the art. There were some cool drawings by Sol LeWitt who was I.M. Pei’s draftsman. Only a dfatsman could make those drawing. The Richard Serra sculptures were nice. They may be trite and simplistic to some but I think they are pretty cool. They feel nice and are fun.
I heard one guy has died and a couple others severely injured while installing these massive sheets of steel.
I thought this was the coolest thing I saw and it was naturally made. A shadow on the scuplture made a nice synergy of the space and the piece.