George’s Hardware

I needed air in my bicycle tires, so I thought I’d stop by George’s Hardware which is next door to gr/eats. I rode into the back mechanics shop, and was amazed. Look at this place. It’s filled with parts, broken edgers, mowers, grease, working mechanics, tools, and a floor that’s gritty.

There’s four dudes working most of the time, they’re mostly Latino except for Jake, who’s on our softball team.

How old is this wood table? Look how far and deep it’s worn down.

That’s Jake, and that’s my bike.

When he couldn’t fix my mini bike, my dad would bring it here to get fixed. That was probably 25 years ago and the place looked the same as it does now. It’s just a new crew of people doing the same thing, fixing mowers for gardeners. I once saw them working on a go-kart and then test riding it on the streets. One cool thing about George’s Hardware, the dudes working always have a smile on their face, in six years we’ve been around, I have yet to see one look upset.