on criticisms

It’s cool being able to chill at home, and see orders that come in through our store site. Although the big dollar sales are nice, the subscription sales are always consistent especially with the occasional nice note left by the buyer. Some say “rad magazine” thinking we’ll never see it, but you know what? I do. If it’s not working on parts of the mag, or the stores, I still look for the little things, like the notes, whether it’s good or bad. The small details. Thankfully, when people buy a subscription, they already have an interest in the mag, and that leads to some nice short notes. Now the only thing we have to do is to maintain our end of the deal, that’s the hard part.

The opposite angle to all of this are the criticisms. For a while, I wasn’t hearing it. If someone said we sucked, I said “fuck you.” These days, when I hear it, I’m curious as to why they think that, if it’s true, if we really need to improve or not, or make a change. But in the end, it’s hard to make some changes if what we’re doing now fits our profile. Are we the same as 10 years ago? I hope not! Are we better? Most likely, but styles change, so it’s just a different time. I’d rather be what we are now, than what we were before. I still joke and look at the older issues and say, “we were good then,” but I always leave out that it doesn’t mean, we’re not good now. The old work is as relavent as the new work today.

This is where you don’t buy a subs from GR. No idea how they do it, who handles it, but it’s expensive. Still nice comments, mostly from way back.