Watari Museum

Mr McGee’s next show. Towa Tei is going to play music too. Tokyo June 3 at Watari Museum.

I was hoping to get to Japan to see, help, whatevers for this show, but maybe next time. We talked about this show since last year, Japan in 07, but maybe another time. It’s fun working with (Fong 06, Pimple 07) Mcgee installing. When you think things need to be a certain way, they don’t, and when you think things are fine, they aren’t. You can’t tell exactly what he wants sometimes, that’s the fun part. Even with the simple installation of the GR2 mini show, I thought I did fine, but then I get a simple email telling me to remove a tiny bracket that I didn’t notice. It’s some of those little things that make his vision his, and it’s why we enjoy the work.