The only two things I hate about being Asian are both drink related. #1 turning red when drinking alcohol #2 Lactose intolerance.
I had to make the painful decision to quit coffee today. Even just the little bit of milk in it fucks me up. I had a cappuccino before school and was hating life all day. Bad stomach cramps and lots of gas. It sucks being in class trying to ignore the pain and suppress farts all day. I’m not hardcore enough to take it black(like my men), I don’t like soy in coffee and I’m too lazy to carry around pills with me so I’ve got to find some other caffeine fix. Red Bull makes me shake which kind of scares me. Any suggestions?
I can still eat cheese, chocolate and ice cream without the cramps but I think eventually I might have to give them up too. Man, that’s gonna suck!
Got any lactose intolerance stories?