Mother’s Day

My Mom’s visiting after giving a talk up in Rochester. They gave her a new digital camera as a gift so we were trying it out.
We hung out in the park and talked. It was nice spending some down time with Mom.
My Mom took this picture of an evil squirell. After we took the picture, I fed him a piece of garlic and he exploded.
On our way out of the park we saw a music video being shot. Everyone was dressed in 80′s Old Skool out fits and looking dope! If you’ve ever been to Roppongi in Tokyo, you’ll see the Africans trying to pass themselves off as African Americans still dress like this.
We then had dinner at Sushi Samba. A Latin/Japanese fusion place that’s suspicously a lot like Nobu, in terms of flavors. The Chinese sushi chefs recognized me and flowed us some free stuff. The Chinese connection in effect again! I only ordered the row in the middle.