Back Online

Oh Man…back on line finally. The wireless connection in the apartment I’m staying at cut out a couple days ago and couldn’t get online. I felt like a junkie unable to get my fix. Bottom line is, landlord is a lazy loser. If you’re reading this…where’s the fucking tv remote!?!
Skated down to the WTC site Wednesday. The first building up is ugly. The orginal plan by Daniel Libeskind, which won a worldwide competition, was butchered by the developer into something really stupid and ugly. Developers suck.
Went to the Whitney Museum. No photos of the art allowed so I took a picture of the ceiling.

Last night went to see Cornelius. Won’t talk about it much because he has been interviewed for next issue, but the visuals were rad. I like his music but they don’t really rock out live, so the visuals saved the show. How the hell does he manage to keep everything in sync? I guess that’s the secret to the show.