Katz’s Deli

Can’t blog about New York without talking about the food. So I’m gonna have to incringe upon Eric’s food territory here. This place is a New York institution serving up awesome kosher deli food. I think the orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally was filmed here. I didn’t mean to have dinner here but I was walking by and couldn’t resist.
This guy slices meat all day long. He gets an average of a dollar tip per order and probably does 20 orders per hour. Nice tax free income supplement.
I had a pastrami on rye with a bit of mustard and some pickles. The pastrami was incredible, the guy in front of me was moaning with each bite. Maybe Meg Ryan was orgasming because of the soft, succulent and fatty pastrami.
Like a Georgia O’Keefe painting in sandwich form. I ate and I ate but I couldn’t get throught the thing. Just a bit too much meat for me. One more bite and I probably would’ve puked, luckily I was able to walk it off on the way home.