New York! New York!

San Francisco to Hong Kong to New York in less than a week, not fun. Specially the heinously long flight from HK to NY. That sucked shit except that I ran into Russell Wong and his wife(yes, that Russell Wong) at my stopover in Seoul. He gave me a Chinese taxi service number that I ended up having to use when my arranged ride from JFK didn’t show up. Thanks Russell!
Been here two days and am just settling in. Walking rocks! I love walking around, something I don’t do in HK anymore. My legs and back are sore as shit but it’s awesome gettting to know the city this way. I haven’t even used the subway yet but plan to do that tomorrow. New York is so rad.
Can’t figure out how to turn this upright(Eric,help?) so tilt your head to the left. This is one big ass piece of meat. I’ve seen these at shwarma joints before but this one is fuckin’ big!! I walked past it and had to do a double take.

This is my best-friend from architecture school Dan. He designed that place in the background. It’s the Aveda institute. Looks cool on the inside, too bad it wasn’t open. We went to some crappy bar to watch the De La Hoya- Mayweather fight. We paid $20 to get in and there were no chairs or air conditioning in the joint. We were stupid and forgot there were undercard fights so we stood for 3 hours watching lousy fights before the main event. When we got out, we were sweatier and more tired than either De La Hoya or Mayweather.
Overall, I am liking New York a lot. It definitly kicks LA’s ass. (Sorry Eric and Martin)