Keyshawn gone

Panthers cut Keyshawn Josef Johnson. Read in SI. Although it doesn’t really matter that his name was Josef when he went to my high school, it was cool seeing him in the NFL draft show. Me, under the weather and watching anything on TV, saw him actually do a fair job on television. His ad lib skills stunk, but his football knowledge and candor was pretty good. It was super exciting to see him talk about Dwayne Jarrett, the USC player who left school early to get in the draft. KJ also a USC grad via West LA College, was so excited and eager that his team, the Carolina Panthers drafted this dude who he said is a similar style receiver. He assured the young player than even though he was drafted much later than was hoped for, that he would teach him to be a great pro, and the kid would earn a lot of money in the league. He had nothing to worry about. The kid looked happy, not exactly excited as he sat next to his proud family. KJ did a short and bad interview, but really centered around how excited he was that this kid was going to be his teammate. Who would do this for another person in the same position? KJ’s 34 and near his end, but still regarded as a threat in the game. He has a lot to give to a young player.

Just a couple of days later, KJ gets fired. Aside from the embarrassment of putting himself out there on TV and telling everyone how he was going to help this kid to poof… Who’s going to teach the kid now? Imagine what his family must think? From sitting proudly next to their son who’s has a veteran damn good wide receiver assure him that he’ll teach their child everything, and even insuring his success and riches… sad times. I hope KJ finds a good place to go, Raiders!