Actually I lied, it wasn’t the last word…

The school shooter guy… realize, he’s a narcissistic child. It’s one thing to shoot people because of mental illness, super anger, or getting bullied. It happened and it’ll happen again. BUT it’s another thing to do it and take photos and make videos. What does this mean to me? This kid wanted fame, he wanted to leave a mark, but instead of doing it through hard work, perseverance, and struggling, to make a “name” for himself, he was a loser who did nothing. His own roommates had no idea who he was. Some didn’t know he could speak English. So to get back at the world for not giving him a break, a deal, or anything, he decided that he could earn fame, with three hours of “work.” He supposedly started doing exercise a week or so earlier so he could look better in the photos. He probably took more time dealing with how he would look, over what the heck he was going to do to make himself famous. In the end, this guy just wanted a Myspace profile on steroids, and he got that, but it was all done with the least amount of work. Great work ethic, dude, you’re the same guy who complains about everything and how you got nothing, while you do nothing to change anything, so the easy way became your way. Sounds like a rant, sorry.

p.s. we won our softball game. Had to get that out of the way. 16-15.