26th HKFA

I woke up with this little lady today.
This was the final end piece to The Heavenly Kings saga. Almost exactly 1 year after our premiere at the Cultural Center in HK, we take home the award for best new director at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards in the same place. It’s been a long journey that lasted a total of 4 years since it’s inception. We also managed to pull off ,arguably, the strangest and whackiest performance in the history of the HKFA, as we, along with the entire crew sang our cheesy boyband song “Adam’s Choice” for the last time.(will post the youtube link asap). We still have a couple more film festivals to go to, like the San Francisco International Film Fest, but last night was the emotional closure on this crazy ass project. The book is now closed! Im officially retired from boyband life! Couldn’t have had a more perfect day.
Now to more serious domestic issues. My dog Buddy has a torn right ACL and is going in for an operation tomorrow. Same shit happened to me four years ago so I know what she’s going though. Compunded with the fact that she has a perpetually pittiful face, I am worried and sad for her. Anyone a vet or has had a dog go through with this procedure? What do I need to do or look out for post op?