SFIAAFF Day 6 Photos

Back in LA now, but this was day 6, it started off with a fire alarm and evacuation of the hotel at 8:30am. I slept for just a few hours and I was still the first one out of my room at that moment. An elderly couple look troubled. I assured them, we were going to make it out of the inferno! I wouldn’t be denied. About halfway down the stairs, there was a homeless dude sleeping in the stairwell. Then “false alarm” came over the loud speakers. It was amazing how clear the voice rang.

Met with Alvin Lu of Viz. Then saw the Gap ad with Prison Break dude and Lost dude.

The big deal was watching the last two films and deliberating for the prize of the competition. We talked for about less than a minute and had our winner. The next issue was to give a Special Jury Prize, and we actually did. I wasn’t pretty ok with it, but I think I was the lone holdout in the beginning. We also have another special mention and I hope people appreciate that too. There’s a pic of us deliberating in an office. Then the weird time… dinner with Hong Sang-Soo… this is story all of it’s own. In the pics the director seems mellow, but he’s much out of control. Drinks at an establishment at 3am? Buying a bottle for a few hundred? There’s some incriminating shots. The last shot at 4am says it all.