SFIAAF day 2

Day 2. Saw Shanghai Kiss, Undoung, and Year of the Fish.

Shanghai Kiss features this dude… Ken Leung. I’ve seen this dude in a commercial, running years ago. I remember watching this with my cousin Mike, and we used to say stupid stuff like, man, Asian Americans from the East Coast look different. It was a joke, since Mike acts, and had no idea who this dude is/was. But then lo and behold, he’s in at least two movies in this festival! Then I found out, he’s in Xmen, the guy with the spikey face, and is in tons of films. He’s big time. So I look him up on IMDB, he’s wearing a rice picker hat! This film also features Kelly Hu.

Then later before Undoing, I see Undoing director, Chris Chan Lee who helmed Yellow. We’re going up the escalator to his Undoing SF debut. We reminisce a bit about the 10 years that elapsed since we were filmmakers together in SF. He looks exactly the same. Me, hell no. He’s a special guy, and it was nice to see him. LA’s so bit, I’ve probably seen him 3 times in ten years just for instances. 10 years between feature films. That’s tenacity. Again,his film also features Kelly Hu.

The last film was Year of the Fish done in Rotoscope just like Scanner Darkly! I guess there’s lower budget ways to do that too. Ken Leung was in this one and it features massage parlors. I liked one line that went something like, (in a FOB Chinese HO voice) “yuu stik yo fingaaa in asss-hole all da tyyme.”

I can’t give opinions here at all, but the goal is to compare them to each other, and it’ll be tough! (forgot to add the dude with the glasses is Sooyoung Park who was in Seam and ee.)