Cabazon Dinosaurs

In the Desert there are dinosaurs. It’s in Cabazon… These stand monstrous and you can sort of see them from the freeway, but when you get there you find out a lot.

1) The T Rex is open only on the weekends. For $2 you can go inside to it’s mouth.
2) The Bronto has a shop inside. The shop sells no original merchandise. BUT, inside there was religious TV playing and a nice woman watching it.
3) There’s a free pamphlet. Grad that and read the parts that are about dinosaurs which is fine, but then read the parts that are anti evolution! No! We didn’t come from apes! Man is NOT Ape!
4) Now you find out this is entirely a religious “theme park” and it’s two dinosaurs in the middle of the desert. It’s all bizarre.
5) Get some pennies smashed.