What’s so special about Superbowl Sunday? I don’t always watch the game, but maybe I wanted to see the commercials, witness the hype, or gather with some family. I think it’s the latter for me. When my mother owned a restaurant, she had Superbowl Sundays. I think it was something like $50 for a ticket and 60 people would come. I guess if you do the math it’s a few thousand, and it would overfill each year! Tons of people would come and she’d have maybe 6 or 7 televisions going on including one big screen. I used to work the door and collect tickets. She’s have prime rib, ham, turkey, sushi, halftime oyster shooters!, and so much more. The food was non stop. I think the coolest part was that, she’d take a seat front and center in front of the big screen and yell at the TV.

Now, it’s a strip down version of it all. We get together, and have a smaller party. I think it was my first year, and maybe it’s a new tradition, but one thing stayed the same. She sat front and center and yelled at the TV.