By Eric on 2007-01-20

Here’s something that I wonder.

Mona Lisa’s Grave found. Here’s the link. (I saw this off of by the way.) What bothers me is that why is a grave lost? Even at the end of Gangs of New York, the last scenes show how the graves of Butcher Bill get dilapidated and eventually forgotten. I know it’s a morbid thought, but is that what happens to grave sites? When a few generations roll over, and the over-population of the planet catches up and we need more land for buildings, are the grave sites going to become high rises? Sometimes, they’re in expensive areas and I can see how they’ll need to be “moved” one day… Will that be you? Would you care? My great grandparents are probably buried in Japan, and if you go further back, I’m sure most are lost and forgotten. Is that how it works?